It’s been an eventful few months at Bright Bee—we have grown beyond our expectations and are delighted to have welcomed four new team members: Elvis, Abs, Seb and Maria. Everyone comes from exciting, versatile backgrounds and has contributed to the dynamic atmosphere of the company. Here is a small introduction to each of our new colleagues.

Elvis (Senior Account Manager):

Elvis has some great experience behind him with nearly 10 years of working in technology PR. He originally studied Law, but preferred to pursue a more creative career in PR. His work experience began at a consumer tech agency, followed by 5 years of freelancing. He has also worked at the Equality and Human Right Commission as a press officer.

Elvis was attracted to Bright Bee because he saw it as a great young agency that is evidently “going places”. In seeking his next place of employment, Elvis was looking to join a company with a great team culture and a unique approach to PR work. He says his instincts have proven right so far!

Abs (Senior Account Manager):

Abs has brought a great wealth of industry expertise to the company. He is an award-winning FinTech and financial services PR professional with a degree from the University of London and a research fellowship with Harvard University. Abs gained work experience in the stock markets as a financial analyst, and has since then embarked on a career in PR at established firms like Montpellier, where he led the FinTech and financial services divisions. He has worked with high-profile clients and secured various national coverage.

“Bright Bee is going places,” said Abs. “Not only is it keeping up with technology, but in fact, it’s setting the pace. That’s something I had to be a part of.”

Seb (Junior Account Manager):

Seb comes from a unique background and has brought a diverse set of skills to the team. He obtained his degree in English Literature, subsequently writing for a local newspaper and training to work as a teacher. Seb has already secured a few years of experience in teaching, but was drawn to PR since he saw it as an effective way to synthesise and build upon his skills. In addition, he has a strong interest in technology and does hobbyist programming in his free time.

Seb was drawn to Bright Bee first and foremost because of the people—he mentioned that he instantly found the working environment to be friendly and supportive. Working at Bright Bee also provided the ideal opportunity to take his interest in technology further. Seb has done an impressive job so far, and even won the monthly trophy for his exceptional performance.

Maria (Intern):

Similarly to Seb, Maria comes to Bright Bee from a literary background. She secured a full scholarship to pursue her English Literature Degree at the University of Edinburgh, and has won several awards for her writing. Since graduating she gained a variety of work experience, from contributing to the local newspaper to working as a tour guide. Coming from a lifelong globe-trotting experience, Maria is also fluent in French and Russian.

Maria was drawn to Bright Bee due to the sheer variety of tasks it would expose her to, and the numerous skills she could cultivate in the process. Although specializing in writing, she was excited to further explore communications and working for charity clients. Maria is also thrilled to be working in Bright Bee’s fast-paced yet genuinely friendly environment.

With these great new team members on board, we look forward to an exciting and productive few months ahead.

The Bright Bee Team